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Alois Carigiet was at home in the mountains, and most of his paintings reflect the long walks he took there, gathering ideas on a sketchbook to be later implemented in his studio. Here are a few of his paintings currently/recently offered through the Web

Ex Voto

Alois Carigiet (1902-1985)

Stai Si

Ex Voto Luis Carigiet, 1941 Bauer mit Pferd und Wagen auf der Weide bei Platenga, 1940 "Stai Si"

Dampfschiffe auf dem Vierwaldstaettersee, 1945

Dorf Trin

Haus der Bergbauern, 1982

Haus in Flutginas, 1966

Der Drachentöter, 1977

Tanz mit dem Narren, 1976


Catherina & Zarli, 1935

Winterparadies, 1945


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