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Carigiet was a prolific designer, who has left many classical posters of the 30s in Switzerland. Here are six examples, currently for purchase at the designated galleries (or recently sold). See also Poster-Gallery.com for an extensive collection of posters for sale.


Source: AllPosters.com (reproduction)

AC art exhibit poster

Source: Artprovider.com (poster for 1977 art exhibit)


Source: AllPosters.com (reproduction)

Frigor Eskimo

Source: International Poster Gallery

Search the Swiss Poster Collection for many more examples
(enter "Carigiet" in the search field)

Frigor Eskimo

Source: International Poster Gallery

suisse.JPG (9972 bytes)

Source: Arosa.ch (reproduction)

Truns Lamb

Source: Poster-Gallery.com

Suchard Cow

Source: Swiss Poster Collection


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